Discover how holistic dreamwork can bring you beyond the mind and into a vibrant and creative new world.

and share your dream adventures with a circle of people who can help expand your dream experience. Practice meditation, ceremony, interpretation and other ways to enhance your dreams and to better understand them. This course is inspired by dreamwork traditions from around the world.  We will engage with ancestral and indigenous as well as modern dreamwork techniques. Beyond standard dreamwork which only engages the intellect, this course will explore dreams in a way that teaches, transforms and heals in a more profound way. Explore a holistic approach to dreamwork which unites mind, body, heart and spirit in concert with your dreams.

Why Dreams Matter

Our culture has not taught people to understand the importance of dreams.  Dreams are not simply the random activity of the subconscious but the wise and alert presence of a master storyteller who knows us more intimately than we know ourselves.Every dream is formulated just for the dreamer. Each dream gives us access to a wise and remarkable world. In our dreams, we encounter wisdom that we may otherwise miss in waking life.  Dreams are direct emissaries of heart and spirit and the unconscious mind.  By remembering and honoring these dreams, we can tap into a vast source of emotional intelligence, spiritual awareness, and metaphoric truth. 

 This course teaches the foundational skills of holistic dreamwork so that you can understand and work with this unique source of wisdom in your life. 



7 pm -9 pm Sunday Evenings

4 Month Series: Oct. 29, Nov. 26, Dec. 17, Jan. 28

Join the Dream Circle one Sunday per month at our location off of Morrow Mill road in Chapel Hill.  We will meet outdoors or indoors depending on the weather. Often we will be beside the fire. 


Practice techniques in:

  • Dream Recall
  • Fundamentals of Dream Interpretation
  • Identifying and working with different types of dreams
  • Finding animal and plant allies in dreams
  • Soul recovery through dreams.
  • Community dreamwork
  • other culturally inspired dreamwork practices


Beyond the Classes


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Dream Circle
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Oct 29, Nov 26, Dec 17, Jan 28

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Sarah Haggerty has facilitated community design, mentoring practices and wilderness excursions for over 18 years. Her focus includes ceremonial arts, psychology and earth honoring traditions. She is also a dream enthusiast with a lifelong interest in traditional culture. For more information about her work, click here