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February 23rd-25th 2018


Explore the Power of the heart

An empath refers to someone who senses what is happening around them through emotions. Empaths experience a form of heightened sensitivity that allows them to directly experience the emotions in others and in the world. When used properly, the gift of the empaths becomes a unique source of insight, awareness and authentic leadership. 

 This gift is useful in healing and teaching, buisness and sales, strategy and science, raising a family and leading a team. Whatever arena is yours, the gift of empathy can help bring insight to make a difference. We explore how to harness empathy to go deeper in our work no matter what that work entails

Empathic awareness is a latent potential within many people. It is a hidden gift and the training pathways are few and far between. This means that a wonderful gift often hides or goes unacknowledged and undeveloped. Empaths who don't have training often feel overwhelmed, and confused with many emotions that emerge from in them and around them. It is common to feel frustrated, relating to the experience as a burden rather than a gift. If that sounds familiar, there is a way forward. 

This weekend program explores the gifts and challenges of being an empath. We offer a way to develop the raw talent of empathy into a greater capacity for ourselves and for the world.  

Are You an Empath?

  • Do you often feel overwhelmed in a crowd? Do you have intense feelings in larger groups without clear explaination
  • Do your feelings seem unreasonably strong for the circumstances and is it sometimes difficult for you to explain them?
  • Are you highly sensitive to the thoughts, needs and feelings of others?  
  • Are you sometimes aware of feelings that others are keeping concealed? Do you get disoriented when people are being dishonest, disingenuous or are out of integrity? 
  • When you walk into a new space or talk with someone, do your feelings sometimes change dramatically without any apparent change in your thoughts?  
  • Are you highly sensitive to rude or violent content?
  • Are you tired of feeling confused, unsure what the problem is or why you cant seem to explain your feelings?

If so, regardless of whether or not you identify yourself as an empath, you may benefit from training to help you feel better, more in touch with the source of your feelings, steadier and more aligned with your hidden gifts. 



 Meditations, self care routines and ritual skills that support wellbeing for empaths 

Compassionate Boundary setting Practices

Working with the gifts & challenges of Empathy

Energy hygene - Methods for cleansing and Protection

Inner tracking - identifying the sources of emotion

Tools to navigate overwhelming situations

Ways to use nature as an ally to help ground, clear and restore presence of mind


I guarantee an atmosphere that will allow you to go home with greater relaxation and clarity. Even though as empaths, sometimes groups can be challenging, we will create an intimate and safe space in which you can gain rather than loose energy through this experience.

Free Call 

Not sure if this is right for you?  Not clear if you are an empath or want more information to see whether or not this program meets your needs?  Schedule a 20 minute clarity call with me.  At no cost, I will talk with you to determine whether this is a good fit.