• I have had the pleasure of watching Sarah work with children and adults, and I wanted her to share her experience and wisdom during a group presentation with my students at Duke University. Sarah offered my students a window onto a world that had been shuttered to them. Sarah’s work is a gift. Her delivery is calm, thoughtful, and inspiring. She intuits and adapts to the group’s physical, emotional, and intellectual needs. She finds the edge of a group’s knowledge and experience, and nudges past that edge in a way that both challenges and comforts. Sarah’s presentations are an experience, atmosphere, and unforgettable opportunity.
    — Nicolette Cagle, PhD - Lecturer Duke University
  • I was struggling with how to develop a program that would help others connect with their inner voice. Trying to condense my personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment into an educational experience that would be relevant to others was difficult. I was also struggling in my journey as a leader. I was feeling isolated, alone and misunderstood. My time working with Sarah was a feeling of wholeness. I feel like she instantly understood me and appreciated my perspective. She was able to further my train of thought by so fully embracing my ideas that I felt ownership of them and I was able to support them with evidence from my own experience. Sarah is a wonderful listener. She seems to recognize the sacredness of every moment and explore its greater meanings with a careful confidence that comes from a deep faith in the spirit-that-moves-in-all things. I have never encountered anyone who knows seemingly everything about the plant kingdom. Sarah's vast scientific knowledge only touches the tip of what she knows. Her ability to communicate with the plant world and then articulate those lessons so beautifully in the human language is amazing.
    — Dave Yeargan, Director UNC Outdoor Education Center
  • “The Community Leadership Program has been an enriching experience for me to learn a valuable nature based model and set of practices that can be applied to my life and work. But the most compelling aspects are the steady compassionate mentoring and modeling Sarah Haggerty provides and the opportunities to be authentic and connect and co-create with the other wholehearted participants.”
    — Jane Norton, Director Living Nature’s Design
  • Recipient of the 2012 North Carolina Environmental Educator of the Year award
    — From Environmental Educators of North Carolina