Consultations with Sarah Haggerty



  •  Spiritual Life Coaching
  •  Personal and professional Mentoring 
  • Ceremonial Design


Sessions vary from 60-90 minutes. This allows time for exploring intentions, asking questions, personal mentoring and other support as needed.  

Sessions take place at my home office 20 minutes west of Chapel Hill.  Not local?  Skype or phone sessions are also available for distance sessions. 


  • “I wanted to be solid on my spiritual path but was at a loss for which way to turn.
    I was ready to give up everything to follow guidance, but was also afraid of what that would mean. Sarah was such a blessing to me because of her certainty, clarity, insight, and faith. It also seems like her experience in exactly this matter was imperative for me to be able to take the next steps in my journey. My rites of passage would not have happened without her. And I never would have harvested what I did because Sarah was there to support, anchor, and guide me.
    Words cannot fully describe what our experience has done for me. Sarah helped me to feel, finally, sane again. Like I am an essential part of the puzzle and that I have something amazing to contribute…and that I’m not crazy for thinking so. She helped to bring out my truth, simply by being an example of what it means to live, breath, and speak your truth. She helped me uncover things I might not have been willing to face on my own, but with her there to hold my hand I was. I have become more certain in who I am, and that I am able to speak my truth in any moment. I have learned the value of what I can bring in just being who I truly am.
    What I appreciate most is the gentleness and strength that Sarah holds, and the way she sees so clearly what I’m going through and has the ability to name it in such a loving way. I feel totally held and safe, full of life and understanding of not only myself but the world. I am very grateful. I have been led through the biggest transformational experience of this life so far. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything, and, looking back now, I realize how much more myself I’ve become aware of and allowed to flow through me. At times it was rough, very challenging, but that’s what I’ve asked for. And I see how it is clearing the road ahead and all around me. I see how this will affect me for the rest of my life.”
    — Kira T
  • I was struggling with how to develop a program that would help others connect with their inner voice. Trying to condense my personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment into an educational experience that would be relevant to others was difficult! I was also struggling in my journey as a leader. I was feeling isolated, alone and misunderstood. I was inspired to work with Sarah because of her depth of knowledge. I have never encountered anyone who knows seemingly everything about the plant kingdom. Her vast scientific knowledge only touches the tip of what she knows. Her ability to communicate with the plant world and then articulate those lessons so beautifully in the human language is amazing. My time working with Sarah was a feeling of wholeness. She instantly understood me and appreciated my perspective. She was able to further my development by fully embracing my ideas that I felt ownership of them. She supported my perspective with evidence from her own experience. She is the best listener! Sarah sees the sacredness of every moment and she is able to explore its greater meanings with a careful confidence that comes from a deep faith in the spirit-that-moves-in-all things.
    — David Y.
  • “I was out walking the other day thinking of how to write a testimonial for Sarah Haggerty’s work. Then, for a brief moment everything slowed down. That moment intensified beyond words. I let a few weeks pass to find the words, but I am still no closer to explaining or describing it. The reaches of Sarah’s work are just something that must be experienced.”
    — Jonathan P.
  • “I just want to thank you for your amazing work in that conversation facilitation. I feel completely unburdened and free. That was very healing for me, beyond just that conversation. I learned so much about myself, and by watching you. I have to say you are such a Shapeshifter! And I mean that in a most complimentary way. Wow! I’ve seen that archetype in actors and performers before, when they’re really good. I’ve never seen it the way you expressed it, as a healer and uniter, very shamanistic. Your image completely changes! I didn’t even recognize you. You show up, very clear and powerful, and simultaneously almost invisible! Then you do your magic, like stirring the energy and then poof everything had changed before anyone even knew it! That was just beautiful to watch. I’m still kind of in awe really. I’m looking forward to seeing you more! Thank you again so much for your healing magic.”
    — Jenny S.
  • I chose Sarah as a personal mentor because her presence among students suggested a deep capacity to listen, reflect, and guide. I have seen Sarah mentor children and adults over the years, and I knew I needed that same guidance in my life.
    — Nicolette C.